Why Some Men Know How to Give a Woman an Orgasm That is Much More Intense and Long! (Sex Game Tips)

A few men know how to give women longer, more intense orgasms! Out of 100 men, 2 will be very bad in bed, 2 will be great, and the rest will be in the average to good range. What makes those 2 out of 100 so good in bed? Out of 12,000 women that we surveyed, many women listed four tips. Try those tips and put yourself in an elite class tonight!

1st Tip.

You can quickly judge how good a lover you are by how your woman appreciates you. If you are putting large love deposits in her love bank then she will treat you in a certain manner. If you are putting very small love deposits in her love bank then she will treat you in an opposite manner.

If your lover doesn’t rush up to you with excitement in your eyes then you know that you have some deposits to make. If she never texts or calls you telling you how she can hardly wait for you to make love to her then you have some large deposits to make!

Karma is alive and well in love and sex.

The first step is to see where you are at and then make a plan to improve it. You need to do that especially if you’re not getting the “in love” feedback you want.

2nd Tip.

If you know that you have a disconnect and plan to correct it the first step is communication. Find out what is wrong and correct it.

When you do that, your love life will take an enormous leap! She will give you the love, romance, and sex you want.

Until you get to that emotional bonding, all the techniques in the world won’t help you.

As you do improve your communication you can use it to find out her sexual fantasies and make up a sex game that she will love. Thus you can kill two birds with one stone!

3rd Tip.

So now if you’re communicating and working on the problem, and she’s starting to open up to some sensual ideas, then put your plan in action. She may be so turned on by this change in attitude that she will get extremely hot, wild, and orgasmic.

Find out her fantasies and use them to turn her on. You can even use her ideas to create a hot sex game.

Thus, by your openness, communication, and putting a plan in action, you’ve made her very receptive…even wild!

4th Tip.

Now, give her some great orgasms. Start with a great make out session.

I’d suggest a combination of breast/clitoris to start. You can tease her breasts and then go into full suction mode. As you’re doing this, lightly touch her clitoris and coordinate both that they come together.

Another good combination is the clitoris/g-spot that is good for giving her wild, intense orgasms. Use your thumb on her clitoris and your two fingers inside on her g-toy.

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How to Give a Woman an Orgasm – 5 Steps to Giving Her Full-Body, Wild Orgasms (Hot Sex Games)

Women are no longer satisfied with mild, tiny orgasms! The word is out! They want the wild sex that they hear about. They crave and deserve this! Here’s five steps to make her satisfied tonight!

1st Step. No-touch orgasm.

Women are very capable of the wildest fun and orgasms ever! First get to her mind and then to her body. In fact, women are capable of no-touch orgasms if you get to their mind effectively.

They can internally focus and rub themselves. If you get her stimulated sufficiently she can shake, quake, and convulse in a wonderful climax.

Once you get her to this state then imagine what will happen in the other steps. The formula is rather simple, but powerful. Simply find out what turns her on – maybe an unfulfilled fantasy or sex game and then fulfill it for her.

This way, you can create your own sex games. Literally, your lady makes the rules and conditions.

2nd Step. Breast orgasm.

This is like the second speed in a BMW or racing bike. Start from her head and go south. Now, once you’re at her breasts you should tease them, suck them, and worship them. Don’t touch the nipples at first. Make her practically beg for it. Tease around them and slowly get closer and closer. Then kiss the tips. Use your tongue and drive her nuts. Apply a little sucking pressure. Don’t hurt her but keep sucking harder and harder. Then suck faster and faster, just like an infant that was incredibly hungry would do. Keep it up and you’ll be rewarded.

3rd Step. Clitoris orgasm.

Use the tip of your tongue or finger and tease her again. Don’t touch her clitoris at all until she either asks for it or puts your hand there. Then slowly tease her crazy. She doesn’t want firm pressure. It’s very tender and it could hurt her. So, do what works and make her go crazy.

4th Step. G-spot fun.

Once she has the clitoral orgasm, then take her to the moon with her g-spot. It requires a firm touch and constant pressure. Curl your fingers and use a “come here” motion. Keep it up until it gets very firm, enlarged, and swollen. Then, rotate your fingers inside her. Keep alternating these movements until she has a full body climax.

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How to Give a Woman an Orgasm – G-Spot Tips to Satisfy Her Longer and More Intensely (Hot Sex Game)

Do women want INTENSE and LONG orgasms? Only 100% of women that have ever had more intense, longer climaxes! Supposed female sex experts that say that orgasms don’t matter as long as the women feels loved and respected are wrong! I’d question whether the supposed expert has had body-shaking climaxes herself.

It’s like the story of the guy that had a big bunch of grapes and another person, without access to the grapes, said they are probably “sour grapes.” You don’t “know” what you don’t “know.”

Our group did a survey online of over 12,000 women and found some interesting facts. The survey showed that few women have had really “earth-shaking” and intense orgasms. Those that had experienced the earth-shakers really LOVED them and CRAVED more.

So, if the facts show that few women actually have them and those that do LOVE them, then how can we insure that a woman gets to enjoy them? Here are four techniques that will give your lady some earth-shakers!

1st Technique. Give her a no-touch orgasm.

Imagine a car or a racing bike with only one gear. That’s what women are like when they have only one type of orgasm. Start her out with orgasms from head to toe and you will truly rock her world.

Open her imagination and her brain by expanding her fantasies and make them come true. First you have to ask her what they are. This will get her very excited.

If you can make this real and describe what you’re going to do, using her own fantasy, she very well may have a no-touch orgasm. This is like first gear.

2nd Technique. Give her a breast orgasm.

Now, after some hot kissing, go to her breasts. Most women can have breast orgasms since there is a nerve from her nipple to clitoris. So, start out lightly and tease her. Add more sucking pressure. Don’t hurt her but suck as fast and hard as you can, taking in as much of the breast in your mouth as you can.

Ask her for her feedback and this alone my get her off.

3rd Technique. Give her a great clitoris orgasm.

Once she’s had her second gear, go on for third. Tease her clitoris. Make her ask for your touch or wait until she takes your hand and puts it there.

This type of ANTICIPATION will drive her nuts. Give her a light touch and intermittent action. Keep going until she has a great climax.

4th Technique. Give her a great g-spot orgasm.

Now, slide one or two fingers inside her on her g-spot, which is found about two inches inside her. It is found just past the pubic bone and feels ridged, like the roof of your mouth. It will expand as she gets excited.

Use firm pressure and a “come here” motion. Once she has had the other “three gears” now take her all the way. You can do this with your finger tip, tongue, or even her penis.

A nice little sex game you can use in connection with these four steps is to text her during the day and describe, in detail, what you’re going to do with her when you get home. Keep making the texts more and more detailed. Ask her how hot she’s getting. Ask her if she’s close to an orgasm. You know what to say.

You should look at all types of combinations of the four techniques above. This will help you drive her up the wall even more. Remember there are 7 types of orgasms and 800,000 combinations.

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4 Hot Sex Games For Married Couples – Wanna Play?

If you’ve been married for any length of time and sex has gotten a little stale, don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s common for sex to often fall by the wayside in a marriage and become somewhat routine.

Over time, sex drive diminishes, you have less and less time alone together and the time you do have in bed becomes somewhat mechanical or predictable.

Like I said, don’t be too hard on yourself – it happens. However, just because it happens, doesn’t make it right. You and your spouse have an obligation to each other to keep your sex life enticing and fresh. This article is going to show you exactly how to do that with some smoking hot sex games to shake up your time together and get you SHAGGING.

Here are a few sex games for married couples:

• Truth or Dare: A favorite game in teenager parties over the years, this can be customized to cater to your sexual needs. You and your partner begin by writing five naughty dares on paper pieces and placing them in a bowl. Next, you ask your partner “Truth or Dare?” If the answer is Truth, then ask the sexy question you have always secretly desired to ask. If your partner doesn’t answer, then they have to choose one of your Dares. This game can be a very intimate as well as learning sexual experience for couples.

• Role playing: This adventurous sex game is all about turning your sexual fantasies into realities. Either you can begin by talking about your sexual fantasies that you would like to play or you could completely take your partner by surprise by dressing up in one of the fantasy characters. You could be a sexy nurse, a cheerleader, a strip dancer or anyone else you think will turn your partner on. You will need a matching erotic dress to match with the role you are going to play. You then go on to play the sexy scenes with your partner. There are endless possibilities in this sex game and this is why it is favored by a lot of married couples.

• Strip Poker: This is one of the simplest ways to have a lot of intense fun. Both of the partner’s begin by wearing same number of clothes. Each time one of you loses a hand, they have to remove one of their clothes. After one or both of you are naked, you can proceed to demand sexual acts of your choice each time you win. In case, you are not big poker enthusiast, you can do this with any card game.

• Buy sex games: There are numerous sex games that can be purchased to reignite your sex life. They range from simple board games to elaborate sex games with equipment. In fact, searching and shopping for these games can also be a fun experience if you both do it together in the privacy of your bedroom. Take time to explore all kind of sex games that are available for purchase online. Enjoy reading their description and discuss possibilities. You may also get a lot of ideas to invent your own games from them. You can go on to purchase the ones that excite you the most and use them to make your sex life wild as well as passionate.

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Female Sexual Dysfuction – Real Or Myth?

The widespread attention that the issue of men’s erectile dysfunction has received recently has generated interest in the sexuality of women. It has further created a competitive environment centered on the search for a female version of that magic blue pill called Viagra.

However, the sexual problems that women contend with vary fundamentally from men’s and this factor is not being researched or critically looked into.

It is our belief that a basic obstacle that stands in the way of comprehending female sexuality is the medical categorization scheme that is currently being used. It was a development of the American Psychiatric Association, or APA, intended for the association’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Disorders (DSM). This was undertaken in 1980 and the revised versions were published in 1987 and 1994. This particular scheme classifies the sexual problems of men and women into four sections in terms of sexual problems.

o Disorders of sexual desire.
o Disorders of sexual arousal.
o Disorders related to orgasms.
o Disorders of sexual pain.

These disorders are an instability experienced in an unspoken response of sexual nature in the physical form, which is described as normal. This was initially outlined by Masters and Johnson in the late period of the 1960s. This widespread pattern theoretically starts with sexual desire and follows a sequence from desire to arousal and finally, orgasm.

Recently, the weakness of this framework in relation to women has been adequately acknowledged. Three of the gravest misrepresentations produced by this outline, which in essence diminishes sexual tribulations to that of physical functions, are the following.

1) An alleged concept of sexual equality between men and women.

As a result of the emphasis placed on similarities regarding the physiological responses of men and women to sex, the conclusion made was that the sexual disorders would naturally be the same. A small number of investigators took the time to enquire from women about the types of sexual disorders they were experiencing. These studies revealed that there are crucial differences between males and females.

The accounts of women cannot be accommodated by the Masters and Johnson standard. An example is that women do not make a distinction between arousal and desire. Women are less concerned with physical arousal in comparison to subjective arousal. The sexual complaints that women have emphasize on problems that are not included in the DSM.

Subsequently, the importance the physiological and genital similarities that males and females share leaves out the connotations of the inequalities presented by issues of gender, ethnicity, social class and sexual orientation among others. Economic, social and political situations, which include rampant sexually oriented violence, stand in the way of the access of women to reproductive health, sexual pleasure and fulfillment across the world. The social environments that women live in can adversely affect the indication of biological ability; this is a glaring reality that has been completely disregarded by the restrictive physiological idea of sexual dysfunctions.

2) The removal of the sexuality relational context.

The approach of the American Psychiatric Association’s DSM circumvents the relational factors regarding the sexuality of women. These factors are usually the cause of sexual dissatisfaction and other sexually related problems such as the need for intimacy; desire to submit to partners, avoiding offence, loss or anger of partners. The DSM uses an individualistic approach that presumes functioning sexual organs indicate that everything is fine while dysfunctional organs are an indication of a problem. However, most women cannot apply this to the definition of their sexual problems. The DSM reduces the issue of regular sexual function to a physiological level erroneously suggests that genital and physical disorders can be dealt with without considering the type of relationship where the sexual activity is carried out.

3) The ranking of dissimilarities among women.

Not all females are similar. Their sexual desires, satisfaction levels and difficulties cannot be conventionally classified in groups of yearning, stimulation, orgasm and discomfort. The dissimilarities among women are reflected in their sexual attitudes, societal upbringing, cultural environment and present circumstances. These are differences that should not be packaged as a common concept of dysfunction that regards all women as one entity.

The lack of tangible aspects in terms of socio-cultural, physiological, political, interactive and social foundations of female concerns has generated the interest of pharmaceutical companies. These companies are in support of studies and public relations systems, which will concentrate on resolving the problems that are related to the genital area of women’s bodies. The financial support of industries in the research of sexual issues and constant media coverage on advances in treatment have served to place these physical difficulties in the public eye and given them a forum for expanded discourse.

The aspects that form the basis of the sexual concerns women contend with such as relationship and cultural grievances or lack of sexual knowledge or fear are typically ignored and disregarded. They are ‘conveniently’ grouped together as psychogenic causes. These aspects are not researched on or addressed. The women who have these difficulties to contend with

A solution to this glaring discrepancy is required as a matter of urgency. Our suggestion is that a clear and beneficial categorization of the sexual problems that women face is devised. This should give an accurate report that is centered on individual pain and reservation, which comes as a result of a far reaching structure of relationship and cultural aspects. We pose a challenge to the presumptions that are deeply entrenched in the DSM and the derogatory facets of studies and marketing endeavors that are evident in the pharmacy field. We call on the key stakeholders to carry out studies and services that are not inspired by commercially driven ambitions but by the needs of women and their actual sexual situations.

Sexual Health and Rights: Views from Around the World

As a bid to veer from the DSM’s genital and emotionless outline of the sexual problems that afflict women, we shifted our focus to documents from an international scope. The World Health Organization convened a special conference about the training requirements for sexual aid workers in 1974. In the report, it was noted that: “A progressive amount of knowledge is an indication of the persistent nature of human sexuality problems. They are more crucial to the health and well being of people in numerous cultures than previously realized”. The report placed emphasis on the significance of tackling sexuality and the improvement of relationships. It provided an expansive explanation of sexual health as “the incorporation of the somatic, expressive, rational and collective aspects of a sexual being”.

The 1999 World Association of Sexology Hong Kong meeting took on the Declaration of Sexual Rights. As an effort to establish the sexual health of human beings and their societies, the Declaration affirmed that “these sexual rights must be acknowledged, upheld, valued and protected”.

o Entitlement to sexual free will, exclusive of all sexual cruelty, mistreatment and exploitation;
o Entitlement to sexual liberation and wellbeing of the sexual being;
o Entitlement to sexual gratification, which is a basis of bodily, emotional, cerebral and spiritual health;
o Entitlement to sexual knowledge, created by unfettered but scientifically acceptable analysis;
o Entitlement to widespread education on sexuality;
o Entitlement to sexual well being and care, which should be accessible for the prevention and management of sexual problems, concerns and disorders.

The Sexual Problems of Women: A Novel Categorization

For our purposes, let’s define sexual problems as dissatisfaction or discontent with any physical, emotional or relative element of a sexual incident. These problems may come up in a number of these interconnected factors of the sexual lives of women.

Sexual Problems As a Result of Socio-Cultural, Economic or Political Dynamics

A. Lack of knowledge and apprehension owing to insufficient sex education, unavailable health care, or other sexual limitations:

o Deficient vocabulary to explain individual or physical occurrences.

o Insufficient information about the sexual biology of people and the changes experienced in various stages of one’s life.

o Lack of data regarding the roles of males and females in terms of sexual needs, viewpoints and attitudes.

o Limited access to services and information for contraceptive provision, abortion, prevention and care of STDs, sexual distress and violence against women.

B. Avoidance of sex or sexual frustration caused by a professed incapability to conform to cultural standards of sexual ideals and these include:

o Apprehension or disgrace about a person’s body, sexual appeal or sexual reactions.

o Uncertainty or disgrace about a person’s sexual preferences, character or sexual desires and fantasies.

C. Reservations owing to differences concerning one’s sexual standards, sexual background, culture and the norms of the prevailing culture.

D. Disinterest, exhaustion or limited tome because of obligations at home and work.

Partner and Relationship Sexual Issues

A. Reservations, evasion or frustration that is caused by infidelity, hate, fear, abuse by a partner or inequality between couples or as a result of an unconstructive form of communication between partners.

B. Differences in sexual desire or dissimilarities in inclination towards certain types of sexual actions.

C. Unawareness or reservations about means of communication or initiation, monitoring or molding activities of a sexual nature.

D. Diminished interest in sex and sexual reciprocation because of differences regarding common matters such as finances, time, and family members or as a result of harrowing experiences, for example, inability to bear children or infant death.

E. Difficulty in achieving arousal or impulsiveness owing to the state of a partner’s health or sexual disorders.

Psychologically-Based Sexual Issues

A. Dislike of sex, suspicion or an apprehension in enjoying sex because:

o Experiences form the past that involved sexual, emotional and physical abuse.

o Personality issues that constitute attachment, negative response, support and entitlement problems.

o Dejection or stress.

B. Sexual reluctance owing to a phobia of performing sexual activities or the possible consequences of sex e.g. painful intercourse, pregnancy, STDs, loss of a partner, reputation loss.

Sexual Problems as a Result of Medical Factors

Distress or negative response during acts of sex regardless of an accommodating and secure interactive atmosphere, ample knowledge about sex and positive attitudes towards sex can be brought about by:

A. A large number of local or universal medical conditions, which affect neurovascular, neurological, endocrine, circulatory and other components of the body.

B. STDs, pregnancies, or other conditions related to sex.

C. Adverse aftermath of numerous drugs, medication or treatment.

D. Ailing conditions.

This article is intended for researchers who want to examine the sexual problems that women have, for educators who teach about female sexuality, for both medical and non-medical personnel that plan to transform women’s sexuality, and for the general public that requires a structure to understand this diverse and essential aspect of life.

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