How to Give a Woman an Orgasm – G-Spot Tips to Satisfy Her Longer and More Intensely (Hot Sex Game)

Do women want INTENSE and LONG orgasms? Only 100% of women that have ever had more intense, longer climaxes! Supposed female sex experts that say that orgasms don’t matter as long as the women feels loved and respected are wrong! I’d question whether the supposed expert has had body-shaking climaxes herself.

It’s like the story of the guy that had a big bunch of grapes and another person, without access to the grapes, said they are probably “sour grapes.” You don’t “know” what you don’t “know.”

Our group did a survey online of over 12,000 women and found some interesting facts. The survey showed that few women have had really “earth-shaking” and intense orgasms. Those that had experienced the earth-shakers really LOVED them and CRAVED more.

So, if the facts show that few women actually have them and those that do LOVE them, then how can we insure that a woman gets to enjoy them? Here are four techniques that will give your lady some earth-shakers!

1st Technique. Give her a no-touch orgasm.

Imagine a car or a racing bike with only one gear. That’s what women are like when they have only one type of orgasm. Start her out with orgasms from head to toe and you will truly rock her world.

Open her imagination and her brain by expanding her fantasies and make them come true. First you have to ask her what they are. This will get her very excited.

If you can make this real and describe what you’re going to do, using her own fantasy, she very well may have a no-touch orgasm. This is like first gear.

2nd Technique. Give her a breast orgasm.

Now, after some hot kissing, go to her breasts. Most women can have breast orgasms since there is a nerve from her nipple to clitoris. So, start out lightly and tease her. Add more sucking pressure. Don’t hurt her but suck as fast and hard as you can, taking in as much of the breast in your mouth as you can.

Ask her for her feedback and this alone my get her off.

3rd Technique. Give her a great clitoris orgasm.

Once she’s had her second gear, go on for third. Tease her clitoris. Make her ask for your touch or wait until she takes your hand and puts it there.

This type of ANTICIPATION will drive her nuts. Give her a light touch and intermittent action. Keep going until she has a great climax.

4th Technique. Give her a great g-spot orgasm.

Now, slide one or two fingers inside her on her g-spot, which is found about two inches inside her. It is found just past the pubic bone and feels ridged, like the roof of your mouth. It will expand as she gets excited.

Use firm pressure and a “come here” motion. Once she has had the other “three gears” now take her all the way. You can do this with your finger tip, tongue, or even her penis.

A nice little sex game you can use in connection with these four steps is to text her during the day and describe, in detail, what you’re going to do with her when you get home. Keep making the texts more and more detailed. Ask her how hot she’s getting. Ask her if she’s close to an orgasm. You know what to say.

You should look at all types of combinations of the four techniques above. This will help you drive her up the wall even more. Remember there are 7 types of orgasms and 800,000 combinations.

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