How to Give a Woman an Orgasm – 5 Steps to Giving Her Full-Body, Wild Orgasms (Hot Sex Games)

Women are no longer satisfied with mild, tiny orgasms! The word is out! They want the wild sex that they hear about. They crave and deserve this! Here’s five steps to make her satisfied tonight!

1st Step. No-touch orgasm.

Women are very capable of the wildest fun and orgasms ever! First get to her mind and then to her body. In fact, women are capable of no-touch orgasms if you get to their mind effectively.

They can internally focus and rub themselves. If you get her stimulated sufficiently she can shake, quake, and convulse in a wonderful climax.

Once you get her to this state then imagine what will happen in the other steps. The formula is rather simple, but powerful. Simply find out what turns her on – maybe an unfulfilled fantasy or sex game and then fulfill it for her.

This way, you can create your own sex games. Literally, your lady makes the rules and conditions.

2nd Step. Breast orgasm.

This is like the second speed in a BMW or racing bike. Start from her head and go south. Now, once you’re at her breasts you should tease them, suck them, and worship them. Don’t touch the nipples at first. Make her practically beg for it. Tease around them and slowly get closer and closer. Then kiss the tips. Use your tongue and drive her nuts. Apply a little sucking pressure. Don’t hurt her but keep sucking harder and harder. Then suck faster and faster, just like an infant that was incredibly hungry would do. Keep it up and you’ll be rewarded.

3rd Step. Clitoris orgasm.

Use the tip of your tongue or finger and tease her again. Don’t touch her clitoris at all until she either asks for it or puts your hand there. Then slowly tease her crazy. She doesn’t want firm pressure. It’s very tender and it could hurt her. So, do what works and make her go crazy.

4th Step. G-spot fun.

Once she has the clitoral orgasm, then take her to the moon with her g-spot. It requires a firm touch and constant pressure. Curl your fingers and use a “come here” motion. Keep it up until it gets very firm, enlarged, and swollen. Then, rotate your fingers inside her. Keep alternating these movements until she has a full body climax.

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