Why Some Men Know How to Give a Woman an Orgasm That is Much More Intense and Long! (Sex Game Tips)

A few men know how to give women longer, more intense orgasms! Out of 100 men, 2 will be very bad in bed, 2 will be great, and the rest will be in the average to good range. What makes those 2 out of 100 so good in bed? Out of 12,000 women that we surveyed, many women listed four tips. Try those tips and put yourself in an elite class tonight!

1st Tip.

You can quickly judge how good a lover you are by how your woman appreciates you. If you are putting large love deposits in her love bank then she will treat you in a certain manner. If you are putting very small love deposits in her love bank then she will treat you in an opposite manner.

If your lover doesn’t rush up to you with excitement in your eyes then you know that you have some deposits to make. If she never texts or calls you telling you how she can hardly wait for you to make love to her then you have some large deposits to make!

Karma is alive and well in love and sex.

The first step is to see where you are at and then make a plan to improve it. You need to do that especially if you’re not getting the “in love” feedback you want.

2nd Tip.

If you know that you have a disconnect and plan to correct it the first step is communication. Find out what is wrong and correct it.

When you do that, your love life will take an enormous leap! She will give you the love, romance, and sex you want.

Until you get to that emotional bonding, all the techniques in the world won’t help you.

As you do improve your communication you can use it to find out her sexual fantasies and make up a sex game that she will love. Thus you can kill two birds with one stone!

3rd Tip.

So now if you’re communicating and working on the problem, and she’s starting to open up to some sensual ideas, then put your plan in action. She may be so turned on by this change in attitude that she will get extremely hot, wild, and orgasmic.

Find out her fantasies and use them to turn her on. You can even use her ideas to create a hot sex game.

Thus, by your openness, communication, and putting a plan in action, you’ve made her very receptive…even wild!

4th Tip.

Now, give her some great orgasms. Start with a great make out session.

I’d suggest a combination of breast/clitoris to start. You can tease her breasts and then go into full suction mode. As you’re doing this, lightly touch her clitoris and coordinate both that they come together.

Another good combination is the clitoris/g-spot that is good for giving her wild, intense orgasms. Use your thumb on her clitoris and your two fingers inside on her g-toy.

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